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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  April 1, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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. right now, we are following breaking news. crews had to race against time to free a man trapped in a collapsed row home. we're live with details on the rescue and how the victim is doing this morning. memorializing a dark day in philadelphia history. we'll explain the role some students played in getting the city to place a marker near the move house in west philadelphia. now to a live look outside, down broad street from our kimmel center campus camera. still some wet roads out there. we've had some showers overnight, but the bulk of the rain is going to be moving on out of here. we'll tell you when the sun will return, coming up in the first alert neighborhood forecast.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking that wet weather that started off our weekend, but will not end our weekend. krystal, fill us in. >> yeah. wide variety of conditions for our weekend. so yesterday we had the constant rain, periods of heavy rain, everyone seeing 1.5 to 2 inches. by the time the day was over, today, it's going to be a gray and damp day. not necessarily rainy, though. take a look, we've got some light rain that's sitting along to the west of us, starting to move into berks county and nearing chester county. and what you don't see is that across the rest of the area, there is still some drizzle or misting conditions. that doesn't really pick up on radar well, but that is occurring. you might need the windshield wipers, but very different picture from what we saw yesterday. the thing is, those roadways are now quite wet and they're going to stay that way because we are going to see those cloudy conditions hold through the day and a bit of a damp forecast, as well.
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there are the temperatures we're at right now. in philadelphia, 32 degrees, wh what it feels like currently. these are your feels-like conditions. in reading, feeling like 31. even farther south, feeling like about the mid- to upper 30s. it's a chilly start to your morning on top of the fact that it is a little rainy still out there. so this is your weekend in a nutshell. this morning, light rain, still cloudy. this afternoon, cloudy, damp, no longer rain, though, and it will be breezy out there. but the good news is, if gray day is not your thing, tomorrow we are sunny and considerably warmer as well. we'll view the entire weekend and go into the next period of rain that pix up on the ten-day forecast, coming up. now to that breaking news out of southwest philadelphia. a man is in the hospital right now after police had to pull him from a collapsed row home early this morning. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the scene to walk us through what happened here. randy? >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, one person, one man injured inside this row home that collapsed.
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as you can see behind me here at the scene in southwest philly, emergency crews are beginning to wrap up and clear some of the trucks out of here. this is near 61st and woodland in southwest. neighbors tell us they heard the collapse and it woke them up early this morning. one neighbor telling us they even heard the victim screaming from the collapsed home. the 59-year-old man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. parts of the home, we're told, fell into the street. neighbors called 911. rescue crews even had to call in a crane to help clear all the debris. >> came outside and i asked, what happened? they said, the building collapsed. >> this is crazy, because i just woke up with all the fire trucks outside, and i was like, what's going on? >> reporter: now, it's unclear why this row home went down overnight, but during the spring in philadelphia, we tend too often see structural issues in some of these the older buildings, especially after wet weather and we had a lot of rain last night.
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we are told we should be getting some sort of update from i shall if officials here on the scene. we'll bring that to you in the next half hour. >> thanks for that, randy. this weekend, family members and philadelphia police are both looking for answers in the stabbing of a couple. here's what we know. yesterday, a man discovered his mother dead and his father critically wounded at their home in point breeze. nbc 10 was on south 19th street last night where police were still gathering evidence from the crime scene. investigators say someone stabbed the husband and wife multiple times. the wife is dead. police tell us it does not appear that there was a break-in at the house. the husband remains in critical condition. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will not practice law while fighting corruption charges in federal court. yesterday, wuilliams voluntaril suspended his law license, but he says he will stay in office in an administrative role. williams was back in court yesterday to inform the judge he has a new defense attorney. the d.a.'s former lawyer left
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the case out of concerns that he wouldn't get paid. williams has pleaded not guilty to bribery and extortion charges. now to a story we brought to you new at 11:00 last night. new jersey lawmakers are pushing to have a convicted cop killer returned to the u.s. from cuba. joanne chezmart escaped prison in the 1970s after murdering a state trooper during a traffic stop. she fled to cuba and was granted asylum them. two congressmen are now reintroducing a bill that would require federal officials to submit annual reports on the number of fugitives a broad and what's being done to bring them back. an historical marker will soon be placed a to the site of one of philadelphia's darkest days. yesterday, pennsylvania state officials approved a request for the marker near the move house in west philadelphia. it was 1985 when police dropped a bomb on the house occupied by members to have the group move to try to end a standoff. 11 people were killed, including 5 children.
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dozens of homes were destroyed. students at the jubilee school nominated the site for an historic marker after studying the incident. starting today, police in new jersey will be making a special effort to catch distracted drivers who text or talk on their cell phones. it's all part of the state's you drive, you text, you pay enforcement campaign. it runs now through april 21st. we westampton, cherry hill, ocean city are some of the cities is involved in the campaign. and today, there'll be some lane restrictions in hugh county because of the bridge replacement project. crews will be working on the bridge that carries the road over the pennsylvania turnpike. message boards will be placed in the area to let drivers know about the detours. brigantine's marine ma'am l stranding center says they're ra running out of room for taking in rescued ciels.
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many of those seals are sick and injured by sharks. a number of seals are showing up earlier than expected this year because of warmer weather and they can't take anymore from out of state. the center in brigantine is the only one of its kind in new jersey. 5:37 right now on this saturday, coming up, scare in the air. we'll take a closer look at why u.s. authorities have taken action to protect airplanes from new terrorist tactics. plus, epipen problems. we'll explain why a number of the life-saving devices are now being rauld.
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so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. recovering from some severe storms that left a trail of damage late yesterday. high winds blew this awning off of a gas station. the national weather service is now checking to see if a tornado
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tore through homes and caused the partial collapse of a church. fortunately, no reports of any injuries yet. now, this same storm system, that's the one that brought us all that pouring rain yesterday. i think it's safe to say we faired much better in this storm. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has some more details on when this wet weather will finally move on out of here. krystal? >> yeah, we saw a lot of rain with this thing, but areas much farther south across the country actually felt the damage from this storm system. it was a big one as it moved through. now they're looking in philadelphia, right in center city. you can see the flags are blowing around. notice there's no raindrops on the camera, because the rain has really finally stopped. just some light sprinkles out there now, through your morning hours. then, we totally end the rain in the afternoon. current winds, you just saw, a little breezy this morning. 13 miles per hour in philly, wilmington at 10 and dover air force base at 14-mile-per-hour winds. those winds are coming in from the north. and today, they will remain
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north-northwest flow. we're also going to be starting to dry out the area with this pattern. so we're at 40 degrees right now in philadelphia. we'll be at 43 around 10:00 a.m., mid-40s through noon. but notice it really don't warm much here. we're upper 40s to low 50s as we get into the afternoon with those breezy conditions persisting. and mostly cloudy conditions, although i think late day, some peeks of sunshine are possible, but really just some peeks, not a sunny forecast by any means. in our pennsylvania suburbs, same deal. right now we're in the upper 30s. it's chilly out there, it actually feels like we're in the lower 30s due to the breeziness. temperatures will start to climb to the mid- to upper 40s by noon. and same deal, low 50s in the afternoon with breezy conditions. and just a few peeks of those rays breaking through the clouds, as we get later into the day. along the jersey shore, 50 is the temperature now. a little more mild. it will stay, though, right around there. we may see a bit of a dip, you see, in our temperatures through the morning hours, but overall, we'll stay pretty constant low
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to mid-50s through the day. the best we'll be able to do with those breezy conditions throughout. today, gray and damp. tomorrow, rather, sunny, and we'll go through that a little more closely coming up. online registration is now open for the philadelphia marathon. the race is set for sunday, november 19th. runners who sign up before may 31st will get a discount on their registration fee. you can also register for other races during marathon weekend. just tap the nbc 10 app for a link to the marathon website. before the marathon this fall come the blue cross broad street run this spring. the 10-mile race is sunday, maybe 7th, and the only place to watch it from start to finish is right here on nbc 10. okay, this is my kind of race. thousands of runners will be hitting the streets this morning for charity and for some special treats. the fourth annual hot chocolate run begins and ends right in front of the philadelphia museum of art. here's the deal. the finish line, runners will get hot chocolate, fondue, and a
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goody bag. the event raises money for the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house. 5:43 right now. on this saturday, two more sisters are done for the season, both with knee injuries. we'll hear about it from the coach, coming up. plus, the phillies back in philly, getting ready for the regular season to begin. it's all ahead in your saturday morning sports.
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and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. this morning. we have some new details on what led to that carry-on ban for electronics from ten airports in the middle east and africa. intelligence experts believe that terrorists had found a way to conceal explosives in laptops, well enough to get them through security checkpoints. the government also now believes
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terror groups are in possession of and are using airport screening machines to test their designs. we spoke to passengers at the baggage claim in philadelphia to get their response to the new intelligence report. >> they really look at it and they're finding different ways to put explosives nef s in ever. >> people can still put electronics in checked baggage when flying from the middle east to the u.s. that's because checked bags are better able to ethe tedetect exs than the ones that screen carry-on bags. a recall throo let you know about. last week, the maker recalled thousands of epipens in countries outside of america, because of report that the emergency anti-allergy shots didn't work. the problem could be potentially life threatening. the recall covers epipens distributed from december 2015 through july 2016. for the full details about this recall, just go to our website,
5:47 am or tack the nbc 10 app. cape may county is marking its 325th anniversary this year. and officials kicked things off yesterday with a special marker dedication. the county's free holder director led the ceremony in lower township. the marker condemmemorates the european settlement of cape may county, which began in 1631. the county was formally established 61 years later. >> millions of people are going to be using the ferry and ferry terminal to come over here and they're going to read that and they're going to leave here and go throughout the nation and have that sense of history from cape may county. >> executives with the delaware river and bay authority along with leaders at the society of colonial awards in new jersey also attended the ceremony. speaking of cape may, down the shore, i don't know, maybe we're getting just a little bit closer to summer, but certainly doesn't feel like it outside. meteorologist krystal klei is
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tracking that wet weather to start out of our weekend. krystal? >> you know, there's one or two nice days and then we get these rainy, gray days, it cools us down and we have to climb back up. this weekend, the exact same situation. here's our checklist. this is kind of a tough day. because we're going to transition out of the rain period this morning. so the umbrella, if you're getting an early, early start to your day, you want to grab. but if you go out this afternoon, you're going to need it. a hat, you might want. it will be a little breezy throughout the day, on top of the fact there's a lot of moisture lingering out there this morning, which for some of us ladies mean the hair not perfect for your saturday. sunglasses, you don't need. because i do not expect a lot of sunshine, although tomorrow you'll want those. as for the winter coat and outdoor plans, that depends on your level of comfort here. i would say a coat this morning, probably, you'll want to grab it. things are chilly to start. later in the day, not likely going to need it. and we are looking at outside plans, certainly something you can do, although tomorrow will be a prettier day than today,
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where things will still be pretty gray and cloudy. here's the radar and satellite view. we've already got the clouds in place. that's the satellite layer. then you see the green, that's the radar layer. the green is such a light color, that indicates some really light rain. there is some misting and drizzle out there pretty much across the region as well this morning. so if you're driving early or getting a very early run in, just note that you're going to run into some of that. but as we progress throughout the day, that really moves out pretty quickly, and temperatures will boost, but only a tad. we'll stay below average. here are your delaware neighborhoods right now. marshalton, harmony hills, glasgow, newark, all at 41 degrees. we go farther south, and we see a tad warmer. shelton at 43. lincoln, you're at 45. and reading at 47 degrees. in our philadelphia neighborhoods, we're at 40 in rittenhouse, the airport, 49, manayunk, and also at 39 in parkwood. temperatures should climb to the low 50s by this afternoon, for not a terribly cold day, but a
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little cooler than maybe you would hope to kick off the first day of april. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. some of those spotty showers, they'll continue to move on by in our morning hours. but i think by around 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., the rain really cuts it out. we'll still have cloudiness around your lunchtime and the clouds linger through 4:30 here. just some peeks of sun are possible and maybe an isolated shower as we get into the engineer mercer county. the rest of us, we stay dry. and there go the clouds for our sunday morning, and we stay that way all sunday. we are talking sunshine, clear conditions in the forecast. here's a look at the weekend forecast. 50s for us today, mostly low 50s with those cloudy conditions, but tomorrow is when we break through the to the low 60s, at 61 in philly and 62 in delaware. sunny conditions as well for your sunday. the streak is over! mississippi state upset top-seeded kentucky on this overtime buzzer beater in the women's final four last night. the huskies had won 111 straight
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games, by far the record in all of college basketball, a tough loss for the four-time defending national champions and their legendary head coach, gino ariema from norristown. here's more of your saturday morning sports. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from csn. you've heard this before, more sixers done for the season. insert players' name here. this time, robert cullington has a slight meniscus tear. he's done. bret brown, what's with all the knee injuries? >> i suppose you could connect some of those dots, because some of it is true, to point at some reason that this has happened would be reaching, i think. but it's just one of those things, i mean, i think you go through the sport, our sport,
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especially of basketball, especially nba basketball, i think they're quite common. >> men against boys last night. sixers in cleveland taking on the cavs. gets heated quick. justin anderson making contact with lebron james here. the king goes down, can't mess with the king. moments later, a little retaliation from khiry irving, putting anderson into the bench. it is on! maybe not. then takes it down the court for his own three. sixers lose rawlins, the formery released by the giants last night, so his career could be over. phillies back home last night, the boys are back in town arriving at citizens bank park. the season opener is two days away, monday in cincinnati. and how about the story of brock stassi, making the majors for the first time at 27 years old. he was in tears when he found out and that video went viral. >> i wasn't really able to hold
5:53 am
it together. that was because both my parents didn't answer the phone when i called, so the reporters were the first people i talked to and once they got in front of me, it kind of hit me at once and i lost it. >> great story. phillies hosts the rays yesterday afternoon leaving florida. the phanatic catching his last rays in philadelphia. clay buckwald gives up five runs in the sixth. phillies down by 2, cameron rupp ties it up. so phillies leave florida with a 7-7 tie. flyers, they won't have matt reid for their final five games. watch here, thursday night, takes a shot off his arm. csn's tim my nacchio reports the arm is broken. flyers, good signing. they have signed a college star, one of the best in the country, mike vechione. he said in his heart, he knew the flyers was the right place
5:54 am
for him to be. how about great plays from last nigd. sidney crosby, how's it going to go in? off the back of henrick lundquist's mask. talking about using your head, or the head or the crown of king henri henrick. look at that, that is amazing. what a dunk last night. erin gordon over marcus smart. not a smart move by marcus, gets it right in the face. wow, good stuff. i am john clark with csn. enjoy your weekend.
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get ready to cast. today is the start of trap season in southeastern pennsylvania. anglers can go for the big one in berks, bucs, chester, lehigh valley, montgomery, and philadelphia counties. the rest of the state can go fishing in two weeks. crews have stocked streams and lakes with thousands of trout, so good luck. today also marks the start of upstate trout season in delaware. crews have stocked six designated is streams in northern new castle county with thousands to have rainbow and brown trout. down state trout season that opened on march 4th continues. this morning, students in delaware county are still on their feet, dancing to raise money for childhood cancer research. springfield high school kicked
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off its annual dance marathon last night. the teams are dancing for a total of 15 hours straight. so far, they have raised more than $150,000. 5:58 right now on this saturday. the rain is going to be moving on out of here. it better, because one of our own, pam osborn, is getting married today, krystal. >> and we are looking at conditions i'm tracking closely for her here. those showers moving on out this morning, not necessarily sunshine immediately, but overall, the weekend looking pretty good. here's a live look outside of boathouse row. damp conditions this morning. we'll talk more about when we dry out entirely, coming up.
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breaking news this morning out of southwest philadelphia. crews pull a man from a collapsed row home. we're live at the scene with the story. plus, a family tragedy. a son finds his parents stabbed inside their home. one victim is dead. we'll have the latest on the investigation. we are clearing up. there's a live look towards penn's landing. the rain is starting to move on out of here. we'll let you know when the best day will be to get out and enjoy some sunshine. the sun w


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